English Courses for Language Learners in Oxford and Online.
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What we Promise

A completely unique English course

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Average class size of 3

With us you are guaranteed the best quality 1-1 or small group courses at extremely competitive rates. Our average class size is just 3! Statistically, language retention is higher when students study either individually or in small groups, and this is exactly what courses at Immersion English offer you. Whereas other language schools may put you in a mixed ability class, we will open a completely new class if there is no-one of your level to maximise the benefit you get from studying English with us.

If you have a party of 4 or more and are interested in studying together then please contact us for more information. We offer highly-competitive prices on our group bookings and will even include exclusive trips for bookings of four or more.



It's all About You

Each day focuses on a theme or subject of interest to you (discussed with your coach prior to your arrival in Oxford). You will be focusing on the four key aspects of communications – listening and comprehension, speaking, reading and writing (priority is placed on the four skills in that order - the most important being comprehension,) and then speaking etc.

With almost 10 years of experience in the EFL field, we know how difficult it is for students to learn a language. Our experience teaching multi-nationality classes means we are ready to tackle any personal difficulty you have with English. Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, you name it and we will be able to devise a personal study plan to improve your English language skills quickly and effectively.

We are well equipped to train students for any Cambridge examination including IELTS. If you stick to our study plan and take the exam when we suggest then there is a high likelihood you will pass or get the result you need.



Targeted Learning

Teachers will select themes for the lessons after discussing your intentions and objectives. Your goals are important, and teachers will ensure you achieve the goals you set out for your stay with us. Aspects of target learning include functional language, vocabulary, idioms (which really help us to understand cultural differences and heritage), and, of course, pronunciation.

We also specialise in task-based learning. Language acquisition occurs through practice, feedback and input, and more practice. Fluency comes with output and English classes at Immersion English will certainly get you speaking and communicating using the language you know. We then input language to help you in similar situations in the future to better prepare you for English in the real world.



Listen, process and respond faster

One skill set that students find hardest to improve is their is ability to fully comprehend what is being said when they are outside the classroom in the real world, process that information, and find a suitable response for the interaction. During our classes, this process time will be reduced and noticeably sped up. This focus will give you the ability to enhance your performance in conversations, and transactional interactions.

We will push you to achieve above your expectations. Fluency comes with practice, and we will certainly give you every opportunity to practice so we can monitor, correct, and improve your ability in communicating in English.



Teachers are always available

Advice and support go hand in hand at Immersion English, and teachers are always readily available. They provide support and encouragement in a friendly and pleasant environment, allowing students to feel motivated and productive. You will be given your teacher´s private line just in case you have any difficulties during your stay with us.

Being a small company we are truly devoted to our alumni and will be at hand 24/7 to answer any question you may have concerning the English language and you course with us in Oxford.



Teaching and materials

The teaching methods on Immersion English courses are integrated with books, articles, magazines, videos, etc., and will appeal to all learner types (kinaesthetic, visual, and auditory). Our resource bank will also offer you a far more comprehensive learning approach, and all tasks set in class will prepare you for quotidian activities outside of the classroom in the U.K.

We use a blended learning methodology for our online and private English courses meaning the lessons can be used to focus on any particular difficulties you personally have with the language.

We also design our own materials to be used in the classroom. Our courses are centred around increasing cultural awareness and inter-cultural communication through oral and written work. Emphasis is also placed on understanding one other’s cultural heritage in class and the impact this may have on our output when speaking English.



Full Participation

Supported by your expert language coach, you will be actively participating in lessons and completing assignments outside of the classroom. You’ll be able to practice your speech during debates and discussions with your teacher or other peers in your group and then your functional language outside in the real world. Your coach will remain attentive and guide you through any difficulties you have, helping you focus on correct pronunciation and grammatical errors, all the while improving your receptive and productive skills.