Weekend functional english courses in oxford

We know how difficult it can be to deal with everyday situations in a foreign language. That is why we have designed a course that focusses solely on improving your English skills outside the classroom in the real world.

These courses are great for those who wish to improve their confidence when dealing with authentic English when speaking to native speakers. Whether you have just moved to the United Kingdom, or you have been here for a while, we can help you manage everyday situations much better when communicating in English. Our highly-skilled language coaches will help you reflect on situations that you encounter and prepare you for similar situations in the future with the language that you will need.

We welcome individuals as well as groups and have fantastic offers available for groups of four or more. contact us for more information.

Asking for directions.jpg

we can help you improve the following aspects of your functional english:

  • Telephone conversations

  • Asking for clarification

  • Organising an event or meetup

  • Reading strategies for authentic texts

  • Listening strategies when talking to native speakers

  • Ordering at bars/restaurants

  • Approaching people for help

  • Confidence when speaking to native speakers

  • Paraphrasing and rewording if you are misunderstood

  • Improving cultural awareness in the U.K.

  • Reporting previously obtained information


Functional english weekend program outline:

Courses generally consist of six contact hours with your coach per day. We will organise outings and trips around Oxford according to difficulties you have with the language, and how comfortable you are when dealing with certain situations. The course will be split into real-life practice, time to reflect on interactions, language input by your coach, and repetition of the same or similar situation to use the new language learned with your teacher. Input sessions will take place in cafes, restaurants, or pubs to give you an authentic feel to the course.

Again, we will devise a course program specific to your or your group, so contact us for more details and we can give you a quote.