Weekend business english courses in oxford

If you or your team need to improve their English skills then why not send them on a short weekend course in Oxford, U.K.? At Immersion English we promise to provide the most engaging and interactive business courses available to really impress you and your team. Businesses are required to use English more and more frequently as it becomes a truly global language. Stay one step ahead of the game and become more influential in the business world by improving your linguistic skills with Immersion English. Our weekend courses will help you overcome difficulties with the language in a really short timeframe.

We welcome individuals as well as groups and have some fantastic offers available for bookings of more than four people! Contact us for more information.

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We can help improve the following aspects of your business English:

  • presentation skills

  • negotiation skills

  • corporate writing skills

  • skills in analysing complicated texts

  • spoken confidence in English

  • cultural awareness in business

  • impact techniques

  • networking skills

  • marketing skills

  • formal vs. informal English

  • indirect vs. direct English


Business english weekend program outline:

Courses are comprised of in-class hours and out-of-class hours. A typical course will consist of 12 hours of classes and 12 hours of trips, excursions, or activities over a four-day timeframe. Courses generally run from Friday to Monday, however, if you require a different schedule we would be more than happy to discuss this with you and come up with a perfect study plan for you and your team.

We can organise trips to sites of industrial interest, e.g. to the Mini factory, organise debates in Oxford’s town hall (for groups of 4 or more), and also organise team-building activities to really bring your group together practising English and having a great time as you do so (again for groups of 4 or more).