English Courses for Language Learners in Oxford and Online.

Total Immersion Course


Full Immersion English Course Summary

Course duration: 1-4 weeks
Number of class hours/day: 2
Luxury activity hours/week: 8

Total weekly hours: 18

2 hours/day in the morning or afternoon depending on daily activities

This course is a great way for you to experience everything that Oxford and its surroundings have to offer and learn our language as you do so! Our total immersion programs really get you out and about in and around Oxford to use your English in real situations alongside your teacher (yes, you have additional 1-1 time with your teacher outside class time too!).

• Explore corners of the city often forgotten even by locals.
• Up-to-date program of events and exhibitions in Oxford, have a look at a couple on our Instagram!
• Cultural exhibitions and historic tours.

Our total immersion courses couple a general English course (10 hours per week - additional hours also available upon request for an additional fee) with an engaging experience program to make this a language course to remember! Please see below a standard choice of experiences included in your course at Immersion English. We could also take you to the ´must-see´ attractions in Oxford and take part in seasonal activities, such as punting, when their times come.

Classes will be designed to prepare you for life outside the classroom in the U.K. This language will be explored in depth with your private teacher during class time and put into practice in the real world. We guarantee that our methodology and teaching style will lead to both your improved understanding of the English language and confidence when using English.



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