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Welcome to Immersion English

Our private language courses are specifically designed for all English learners aiming to dramatically improve confidence and skills when communicating in English for work, personal development, or simply just for fun! Our courses are split into classroom hours and hours dedicated to using your language skills with a qualified teacher outside the classroom in the real world.

Our English courses promote learner independence and improve learner confidence when communicating in English with the help of an expert language coach and through multiple opportunities to use, reflect on, and improve their skills. All this both inside and outside of the classroom in the beautiful city of Oxford.

We run five course types: Weekend speaking courses; General English; Intensive English; Total Immersion; and online courses. All our programs are individually designed for each learner that studies with us.


Online Courses at competitive rates

Whether you are studying for an exam, for future career prospects, or just for fun, our interactive online courses will definitely be right for you.

We have the technology to create engaging, interactive, and informative classes for you using a combination of computer and tablet hardware with remote desktop software - something you will rarely find when searching for an online tutor.

DAYTIME, EVENING, WEEKDAY, AND WEEKEND classes available - subject to availability.

20% discount on all classes meaning YOU SAVE over £5.00 for one hour! Classes start from £22.50 the hour. Further discounts if you book 30+ hours.

this special 20% discount now running for the whole of 2019!


study english in the stunning city of Oxford - or learn with us online!

Language courses should inspire creativity through engaging classes, and provide students with opportunities to practice speaking English outside in the real world. Our professional, quality English courses will do both! We promise you will learn quickly with the help of our highly-experienced teachers close to the heart of Oxford’s city centre.

Our goal as an up-and-coming language school is to give you a totally unique learning experience that will quickly improve your linguistic skills. Our English courses are designed specifically according to your aims and objectives and are results focussed. We teach general English through to business English, and also train students for exams such as IELTS and all other Cambridge exams.

Oxford is a charming city famous for it academia and prestige - what better place to learn a language!? Unlike London, in Oxford you can get anywhere by foot. There is also an excellent bus system to get you where you need to be. Cosy, comfortable, beauty and cultural heritage at every turn, it really is the place to learn English.

We now give English classes online! See our courses for more info.

Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, as seen from tower at St. Mary’s Church.

Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, as seen from tower at St. Mary’s Church.

Stow-on-the-Wold, the Cotswolds. This church door was Tolkien’s inspiration for the entrance to the Mines of Moria in his epic Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Stow-on-the-Wold, the Cotswolds. This church door was Tolkien’s inspiration for the entrance to the Mines of Moria in his epic Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Our Language school promises an english course to remember

We guarantee a more personal touch than any other language school in Oxford. Being a small company, we make our learners our absolute priority. Through one-to-one planning and constant communication with our students before their course begins, we make sure everything is planned before arrival in Oxford. There is no time wasted on an induction day, just straight into your personalised English course.

We welcome individuals and groups, the more the merrier, as they say. Let us at Immersion English talk you through a host of optional experiences for your free time ranging from: punting; food tours; business trips to factories and government buildings; comedy nights; music events; games nights; tours of famous pubs in Oxford; and much more! If you would like an English coach with you to help with any language difficulties you encounter in the real world then we would be happy to organise this for you as well.

We also offer weekend courses for businesses and individuals and groups so you can really use your time efficiently to learn a language in the United Kingdom. Contact us for more information!


If you would like a 20 minute Skype consultation to discuss your needs and aims then please click the button below, fill out the form, and we will call you. At the end of the consultation you will receive a personalised example of a week´s timetable.


Our courses will definitely benefit you if you:

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Want to immerse yourself in the English language in the U.K.

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Are learning for fun or training for a specific exam, we cover it all from IELTS to CPE.

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Already have an understanding of English grammar. Our courses are designed for A1+ students.

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Prefer private 1-1 or small group classes with an experienced, motivated language coach.

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Enjoy learning vocabulary and idiomatic language. Learn authentic English in Oxford.

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Want to improve your level of English quickly and effectively.


I was absolutely flabbergasted by his expertise and mastery in teaching methods and strategies but also the enthusiasm he showed in all the activities he proposed. Not only is Harry a great scholar, passionate about his job, but he is also one of the most charming people you’ll ever meet in this part of the globe.
— Dimitri Lahiton
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