English Courses for Language Learners in Oxford and Online.

General English Course


General English program Summary

Course duration: 1-8 weeks
Number of class hours/day: 2
Number of activity hours/week: 6

Total weekly hours: 16

Morning 10am - 12.15pm
or Afternoon 1.30pm - 3.45pm

These courses are great for those who would like to refresh their memory of the English language and develop their already pre-existing skills. As with all our courses, you will receive professional, classes with an experienced and qualified native teacher who will really push you to produce top-quality, fluently spoken English.

During class time you will focus on advanced (but still everyday) grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic phrases. Your teacher will use authentic resources coupled with any information you are happy to share with us about your hobbies, family, and work life to give you the most current, up-to-date, and personalised language course available to you in Oxford.

Your teacher will set you a production task to complete for every week that you study with us. Examples of these production tasks may be: news broadcasts, newspaper articles, travel reviews, podcasts, creative writing, business pitches, nature documentary sound overs etc., which you can keep as a reminder of your Immersion English course and how much you improved with us. Your teacher will provide you with all the necessary language and extra colloquialisms to really show what you know in your production tasks. In order to complete these tasks you will work alongside your teacher to research conventional themes and current affairs, all of which will expose you to authentic, real-life English.



Example Days out/experiences